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Thanks for visiting my blog about the Sacred Mayan Calendar. Here you will find all the information you want about each day on the calendar and its meanings, about your own Mayan Daysign and its meanings, and find links to my books if you're hooked and want even more information. Hope you enjoy what I find incredibly interesting. 

About my Interest in the Cholq'ij Sacred Calendar

Many of you know that I spent a lot of time in Mexico & Guatemala when I was younger. During that time I had a chance to learn to speak Spanish. What many of you probably do not know is that I also learned a bit of some other languages like Triqui, Chinanteco (which has one of the most beautiful words I've ever heard in any language to date -- "la" with a rising and falling pitch -- it means Earth), and most importantly K'iche'.

Why is K'iche' so important and what is it? 

The K'iche' Maya have, in my opinion, the greatest cultural heritage of the Maya. See more about K'iche' here. While I lived in Xelaju Noj (aka Quetzaltenango) I studied with a Mayan Daykeeper named Roberto Poz. Recently, three of my students in Hankook University of Foreign Studies in Seoul asked me about it -- I don't even know how they heard that I'd studied to be a daykeeper. They wanted to know their signs (there are twenty of them, and they offer insight into the personality and tendencies of a person). I gave them a write up about their sign (all of them came out to be Serpent). It occurred to me that other people might be interested in knowing their sign and the meaning behind it. I searched online and found a Mayan date calculator which will tell you your mayan daysign if you type in your birthday. Then you can follow the daysign links below to know more about each sign. I am completing the list slowly. If I don't have your sign, send me an email or leave a comment and I'll get to it.

My Book about the Cholq'ij Sacred Calendar

Also, all the twenty daysigns are defined and have poems written about them and in honor to them in my book The Sacred Calendar (available at Amazon: Cholq'ij Sacred Calendar and Smashwords: Cholq'ij Sacred Calendar). Check out all the free information on this site and if you like what you see, have a look at my book. It's available in paperback and eBook forms (with eBooks available in just about every format).

How this site works:

Below are the twenty signs of the Sacred Mayan Calendar. Click on any (or all of them) to get detailed information about each one. If you don't know your sign, please try the Mayan date calculator to find what you are and learn more about yourself and your sign. Enjoy!

The Daysigns:


Discover More Now
If you need anything else, please ask. Leave a comment or email me at the link above. If you want to know someone's daysign just ask. I was recently asked about Steve Jobs and added him in (he was born Ancestors, if you're curious). Thanks for your interest.

Discover more about the Cholq'ij with Twenty Poems for the Twenty Sacred Calendar Days. Much of this information is secret knowledge reserved for daykeepers and shaman in Mexico--Yucatan, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Oaxaca--Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. Discover some of these secrets revealed in poetry.

External Links and some photos:

Check out some photos of the Maya.

What is Magic? (a site devoted to Mayan ceremonies)


Quetzalcoatl on the Calendar Round

Mayan girl with baby

Palenque (in the heart of the Lacandon Forest)

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Lord Pakal
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