Saturday, June 27, 2009

Road (E)

This is the day of the road, the sac be (K'iche'). This would be something like saying "the right path" in English. This day represents the ladder, the road, the path -- the successful path. To the native of this sign, the road is the strength, power and energy that cause a person to begin a trip, a job, a
commission and all things concerning the realization of being human. Therefore, Road natives are often quite successful in business. Road indicates the middle, the form, and the condition of the course of your life. It indicates the lines that should be followed, the sacred road, the “white road” of purity. On another level the “white road” goes from one temple to another, or from one city or ceremonial center to another. In this way, those born on the day Road possess a clean spirituality and lots of vitality.

This sign is the energy of the action, the energy that acquires experience while opening roads. The intermediation, the search of new things and the conciliation among different visions. Road people bring in an innovative strength that at times provokes confrontation. They know which way is the right way and are not shy to tell other people.

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