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Flint (Tijax) | The Day of the Obsidian Blade | A good day to cut out problems

Mayan Calendar Daysigns
Glyph: Tijax
Flint or Tijax is a smbol of life, liberation, miracle, healing, and surgery. The daysign glyph shows a step-pyramid and some energy shot between the roofcombs and the rest of the universe. The flint knife during the Classic Mayan period was used for surgeries. So the cut of the flint knife is a symbol of healing more than violence. Natives born on this daysign are usually practical, well-coordinated, and social. Also, natives of this sign are usually interested in balance and harmony.

During Mayan ceremonies, this day is used to cut out problems and protect people from witchcraft.

my rendition of tijax - flint
The word tijax represents the "chay of xibalba" which is the obsidian of the underworld in K'iche' ("chay" means obsidian and "xibalba" is the word for the Mayan underwold). This leads to a kind of double meaning. Obsidian is a kind of double edged sword. Although the stone is beautiful, it is very difficult to work with and takes much effort to polish. Also, we should evaluate the symbolism of the glyph: a pyramid with lightning rods shooting. This is sometimes translated as "earthquake" or "shaking" because the glyph may represent the house of the underword giving and receiving energy in a kind of shaking (or even purging) action. In modern idiomatic English this is like "a good kick in the pants." People of this daysign have the power to do the difficult things necessary for betterment. In this way, they are like surgeons using a knife to heal.

Notable Flint Native:
Alex Rodriguez (5)


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