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Incense - No'j | a thoughtful sign from the Sacred Mayan Calendar

Incense (No'j)

No'j is the K'iche' word for incense and it symbolizes meditative thought. The Classic Mayab Ajpuob (the old Kings and Royalty) used many bloodletting techniques to ruminate on difficult questions. A king would put himself in a hole and go without eating for a few days. He would then pierce his tongue or penis and thread rope into the piercing. Then he would light the rope on fire and make a kind of blood incense. The blood would drip down the burning rope and the smoke went to heaven. The king would wait for a vision to then tell him the answer to whatever difficult question was at hand. In this way, the daysign Noj, or incense, is known as the thinker. Natives of this sign are mentally active, practical, reflective, and visionary. They are often leaders in their communities.

Like in the bloodletting ceremony, Noj natives bring the power of communication into the familiar as well as into the sublime. They are a kind of conduit. They are able to communicate with all manners of intelligence, whether galactic, inter-dimensional, or concrete. This means that with the subtle instrument of the mind they are able to travel through space and time, giving them a full range of action and a spiritually advanced conscience. They have great wisdom and cuyopa body lightnening. In addition to synchronizing the vibrations of the collective memory, the Noj native governs and studies the sciences of the human mind. Applying their power and wisdom to something useful for humankind is their greatest test in this life.

Notable Incense Native:
Pope Francisco (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) - 9 Incense 

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