Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Wind (iq')

Iq' is considered the sacred breath to the K'iche' Maya. If you visit the ruins at Palenque you will find that the Classic Mayan architects built the windows of the pyramid hallways in the shape of Ts. That is because T is the shape of the glyph for iq'. It looks like a T or like a person sticking out her tongue. In English, the word is translated as wind. However, Wind is symbolic of the vital spirit that gives life and animates us all (think of the force in Star Wars). Wind people have large quantities of this power flowing through them. This is a good thing in small doses, but often Wind natives get so filled with this sacred breath flowing through them that they believe it all to be their ego, that they are the source of all power and inspiration. Perceiving all this power as ego often causes a misuse of it (think Anakin Skywalker), so many daykeepers associate this sign with dictators and military despots.

Those born on the day of the Wind must realize that the power fueling them is not their ego but the sacred breath. If they don't they are like an unmanned steamroller smashing everything in its course. Their past sign is Jaguar which can keep them aware of their debt to the spiritual world. These natives of the wind will have to learn to control their outbursts or they will blow like human hurricanes. Think of Elizabeth Taylor's (9 Wind) notorious fits. Another wind native, Hillary Clinton (9 Wind) seems to have herself under more control.

Traditional daykeepers often tell parents to punish their Wind children with the leaves of the xibirib plant (bashful ones, similar to this)-- a plant that contracts when stimulated by a touch. The soft essence of the leaves will tame the fiery nature of the Wind child. The right and left hand signs of Wind are Rabbit and Vulture, which are both calm and quiet signs. Vulture is good natured although lazy, while Rabbit is sensual and in love with the good things of the world. Wind people should draw on these characteristics to balance out the anger and ego. Their future sign is Dog, which is a mixed blessing. On one hand the Dog can enjoy simple daily activities. On the other hand, the Dog can embody sexual over-gratification and quarreling.

If Wind people can learn to control their passions their inner hurricane will transform into a gentle breeze on a bright sunny day.

Notable Wind Natives:
Derek Jeter (12)
Roger Federer (12)



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