Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Storm (Kawak)

"The sesitivty of these natives tends to leave them thin-skinned." Kenneth Johnson, author of Jaguar Wisdom

The sign for this day is the gathering of rainclouds. Storm natives may thusly feel as if there is always a tempest surrounding them. The left and right powers are the serpent and corn, respectively, so they can learn to lead emotionally balanced lives. Daykeepers say that Storm babies come into life with a great deal of karmic debt that they have to work through. So it is assumed they will have their fare share of harassment and sorrow. Princess Diana (1 Storm) and Yoko Ono (2 Storm) are good examples of the turbulence that surrounds this sign. Diana was killed in a highly controversial car crash and Yoko Ono is widely held responsible for the break up of the Beatles. This predilection for being at the center of trouble is a shame because Storm natives are often incredibly compassionate and sensitive to others. In fact, this sensitivity is often their undoing. They may find themselves too thin-skinned to handle many situations that are easy for other people. When talking to a Storm native, some people feel they are one big button waiting to be pressed. This may not be initially apparent as their left-hand power, the Serpent, may mask it. Their future sign is the deeply empowered deer and their right hand sign is Corn, a symbol of wisdom and leadership. When committed to a focused and higher cause, Storm natives are dedicated a helpful members of society with a deep empathy for other human beings. As long as they commit themselves to a higher purpose, they can avoid the sadness and despair caused by the emotional storms around them.


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