Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Night

A sensual and mysterious sign. A sign of poets and philosophers, of thinking and feeling. Of expression. It is the day of the legendary king of Palenque, Pacal Votan. There is a feminine softness to this sign, whether the person born on this sign is male or female. These people speak and write well, they have an incredible verbal talent.

Shimmering verbal talent comes from the fact that Night people have one foot in the otherworld. This can be a positive or negative quality. Night people can spin webs of lies as easily as they can unleash the floodgates of their wisdom and insight. Also, there is a kind of manic-depressive quality to them, moving from joy to tears in the blink of an eye. Monkey, their future sign, gives them a flare for trickery and they may often sink into addictions to gambling. Behind the Night person is the loud Eagle who cries out powerfully for whatever it wants. In this way, all the personality of the Night person combines to help her get what she wants. According to the K'iche' Maya, Night people are endowed with body lightning and make excellent diviners or daykeepers. People of the night are likely to have excellent artistic talents.

The sign is an ambiguous form that most Mayanists believe is the symbol of Pacal's underground treasure-house.

Notable Night Native:
Uma Thurman (1)

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