Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Eagle

This is called tzik'in in K'iche' which means literally authority of the sun or bird. It is often represented in the glyphs as an eagle or a face, thereby the English translation. This sign is endowed with body lightening -- what the Mayab call coyopa. Daykeepers say the Eagle is one of the most powerful of all day-signs. It is ofen depicted as a face which has been associated with the moon; in this way it is both yin and yang -- sun and moon -- and it is an archetype of wholeness. The Yucatec word for Eagle is men which literally means "the wise one". Among the Aztecs are there were two kinds of elite soldiers: Marines and Seals, if you will. They were the Eagle Knights and the Jaguar Knights. The Eagle is said to "cry out" for whatever it desires. In that way it is the sign of the directed warrior energy and the sacred purpose. The Eagle is powerful in both the material and spiritual realms. John F. Kennedy (4 Eagle) was a symbol of strong spirit and focused motivation.

The Eagle is a sign of passion and desire. These people expect to sore above the crowd and be able to swoop down for what it wants with lightening-quick reflexes. For this reason, they are likely to become wealthy. Because of Eagle's connection with the Sun, Eagle natives are said to shine as religious professionals.

It's important for the Eagle people to remain balanced in the very center of their beings. The past and future signs are deer and night, which both possess large quantities of body lightening. Water and Crocodile are the right and left hand powers, respectively. This means if they lose balance they will suffer from the wild pull of the crocodile or the dangerous pull of water, which has a penchant for illness. Eagles must navigate their turbulent emotions and be guided by the light of the sun into conscious awareness.

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