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The serpent is a bringer of rain and a symbol of fertility. Sometimes this sign is called seed. It's the seed of life, a fertile, reproductive concept. There is a Hopi Indian dance of the serpent that encourages the gods to bring rain. The Aztecs relate this sign to the Goddess of the Jade Skirt. She's a force of love, beauty, and life-giving water. The K'iche' Maya, who I studied under the most, believe that the Serpent people are extremely powerful. They have a lot of coyopa or body lighting. This is similar to the Asian concept of chi (κΈ°), an energy that goes through the body, except the amount that people have varies wildly in Mayan thinking. Some people don't have any. Serpent is one of the days on which a Calendar shaman is likely to be born. In fact, the natives of this sign often become "spiritualists" or mediums, the most powerful and deeply feared specialists among the practicioners of the Sacred Calender. This means the power is strong but the amount of control varies from person to person. Also, the number before serpent shows how centered the Serpent power is in you. A low number means you have other influence (see below for past, future, right, and left powers) a high number means you are dominantly Serpent. 7 is the highest number. 1 and 13 are the lowest. The closer the number to 7 the higher it is. It's a kind of pyramidal thinking. So, for example, 7 Serpent has the most serpent in her. All are a mix of Serpent and your surrounding signs.

The Serpent underscores ambivalence. Serpents possess a power that is both highly magical and intensely sexual--Clint Eastwood (9 Serpent) and Marilyn Monroe (5 Serpent) both constitute good examples, one becoming a model of responsible Hollywood life and the other falling victim to her passions. Natives of this day-sign see beneath the surface of things, into the dark nebulae of reality, into a world of other senses--think the "force" from Star Wars. They have a connection with what many cultures have aptly termed the "wisdom of the serpent." Incense is Serpent's past sign and symbolizes intense cognitive powers and metaphysical thinking. Monkey is the left hand power which has a knowing, amoral quality that is neither good nor evil. On the right side is Storm a sign of turbulence and trouble (think Monroe). So without spiritual development the serpent may twist toward its sinister side. In other words, the rage of the Serpent is fierce. So Serpents are both respected for their wisdom and feared for their innate magic. This vital power is ultimately intimately connected with sexuality, and Serpents may easily become slaves to their passions, motivated wholly by their desires.

Therefore, those born under the Serpent must learn to harnass and tame their inner powers. The "body lightening" must be brought under conscious control. If so, they can live a spiritual, wise, and balanced life. The future sign of the Serpent is Corn--a symbol of life and community, a totally positive sign. If Serpents walk the straight path they are a wise asset to the community.

Notable Serpent Natives:
Osama Bin Laden (13)
Italo Calvino (7)
John Steinbeck (11)

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