Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ancestors | Ajpu | Ahua | Cholq'ij | Tzolkin

Ancestors (Ajpu)

This is the day that Steve Jobs was born. It is a powerful sign full of body lightning. You may have heard that Jobs was famous for employing his Reality Distortion Field (RDF) where he could make people believe in anything. According to Mayan wisdom, this RDF is possible by tapping into the history of the ancestors. In a similar way to Jungian Collective Unconscious, the Ancestors native possesses a great DNA data bank of information that s/he may access when necessary. That is why the Mayan daykeepers believe that this day has lots of cuyopa.

Ancestors natives are honest, courageous, a wise. They make natural community leaders willing to sacrifice themselves. They make excellent daykeepers. With all this power, they have negative tendencies also to be predators, angry, vengeful, and avoid responsibility for their mistakes.


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