Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Rabbit (Q'anil)

This is the Rabbit but it is also known as Venus. It happens to be my wife's sign so I find this one complicated to write about. If you read my book you will find a poem laced with Venus, Jasmine Flowers, Glowworms, and Sexual Tension. Here's a stanza from the poem:

the rains have cleared away the dirt
leaving tonight pristine
Venus is up there
bright and metallic,
the jasmine flowers open now
the smell
makes glowworms and fireflies
light up

Rabbits are great cultivators of the earth and thus fertile in all respects. They are successful, intelligent, fortunate, and wealthy by nature and circumstance. They are hard workers, intuitive, emotional, and harmonious. They have exceptionally high EQs and may not use logic where others would. This is great when all is working well. Sadly, they may struggle to communicate. They find articulating this off-the-charts EQ to other folk nearly impossible. Thus, they can be quarrelsome gossipers who cause disorder and war. Former OSS operative who became the King of Silk in Thailand is 7 Rabbit. His life of hardwork and using his eyes to bring the world beautiful silk is typical of a Rabbit native as is his trouble with American Foreign Policy and his mysterious disappearance. When Rabbit natives keep themselves in balance they are wonderful people and I'm lucky to have one for a wife. However, they should be weary of quietly and abstractly expressing too much negativity. 

Famous Rabbit Native:
Jim Thompson (7 Rabbit)


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I drew a glyph on the balcony door with my son's marker


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