Tuesday, August 5, 2014

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What are the four gift the Maya have given us?

  1. Chocolate (which was first called xocola'j and used in chile sauces like "mole" and is still taken as a drink first thing in the morning)
  2. The Tomato (I equate the tomato to my native Italian food, but the Italians took the pasta from China and Tomato from the Maya)
  3. Societal Collapse thanks to scarce food sources and overpopulation (this should empower those calling for awareness of climate change and the ills to humans it may cause soon)
  4. The Sacred Calendar (these great big cogs of time turn and the ones on which we land influence our thinking and our being. There is great wisdom in the Mayan Calendar that has been kept secret for all these years)
I moved to Mexico in 1996. I was planning to do a two week writing workshop and then become a novelist in NYC. Instead I stayed for a few years, traveling most of the major ruins (and some that are virtually unknown), taking pictures, penning poems, dating women, having a flash wedding, getting into all kinds of trouble. All of this was with the constant tick ticking of the Haab & Cholq'ij spinning in the background: one mighty mayan notch of time at a time. 

To commemorate the incredible wisdom of the Mayan Sacred Calendar, and express my sheer awe and inspiration at the spinning hands and dials of the Cholq'ij, I wrote these twenty poems contained in the Sacred Calendar. Read some reviews and learn more about the book that can change the way you view yourself and your loved ones. 


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