Thursday, July 17, 2014

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Monkey (B'atz')

These are fun loving people who love goofing off. They entertain others. When I spent time living in the Lacandon Forest the monkeys would often blindside you by creeping over you in the trees and then suddenly peeing on you. This is the humor of the monkey and monkey natives possess this trait in spades. They are also tenacious Masters of the arts, intelligent, and sage-like. They like to teach and lead by example. They make charismatic leaders. They still often have problems solving their own problems, like Lindsay Lohan. San Francisco Giants Outfielder Hunter Pence, possibly most famous for Hunter Pence Signs, is well known for the unorthodox swing that gave kids all over the world the knowledge that you can be successful doing things your way and do not need to ever fit into some kind of preconceived mold.

Notable Monkey Native:
Lindsay Lohen (7)
Hunter Pence (10)

Three time World Champion Hunter Pence gave some awesome speeches in 2014.


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