Saturday, December 12, 2009

Water (Toj) is a sign of Life & Creativity featuring notable natives from Oprah Winfrey to Bill Clinton | This happens to be the day the massive tsunami of 2011 struck Japan

Water (Toj) 

Water is a sign of life and creativity. People born on this sign have great communication skill and make good leaders in the community. Unfortunately, it is also a day of difficulty and danger. It is a day of excess and people born on this daysign must watch for vices and for sickness. It easy for Water natives to go too deep into the abstract world of the ideal and fall off the deep end, so to speak. They must remain grounded in a concrete reality. Persistence and consistency will keep the Water native on the correct track and let her creativity shine.

My son was born on this day in 2011 and it was the day that a massive tsunami struck Japan so hard that it loosened a nuclear reactor. That is the massively destructive force of this daysign. However, if this wild power is harnessed it is a very special sign that can achieve great things that most people dare to dream.

Notable Water Natives:

Saddam Hussein (11)
Madonna (4)
Bill Clinton (5)
Oprah (8)
John Lennon (10)
Mick Jagger (3)
Salvador Dali (9)


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