Thursday, July 17, 2014

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Jaguar (I'x)

The Jaguar is one of two warrior classes (the other is Eagle). The Jaguar is a highly intuitive sign. Those born on this day have a kind of a priori intelligence -- an unseen wisdom. They are patient, practical, decisive, strong, and energetic. They are hunters with massive sexual appetites. Their downfall is that they are overbearing and need to be the center of attention.

Often those born on Jaguar acquire great wealth, but this comes with sacrifice. They are highly tuned into the otherworld -- with Death as their past sign and Ancestors as their feminine power -- and are in the process of transformation. If a Jaguar Native resists change then illness or misfortune will come. Think of Ali being stripped of the heavyweight title. He not only embodied transformation in himself, but for an entire generation. The future sign of the Jaguar is Wind (a tumultuous sign) and the Rabbit is on the right sign bringing luck. For Ali, he was lucky enough to be able to use his Jaguar Warrior cunning against George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle. The rope-a-dope worked and the heavy favorite punched himself out and Ali scored the KO right before the rains washed into Kinshala.

Mohammed Ali Knocks Out George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle

Ali was the Jaguar Knight representing the voice of the Planet

Notable Native Jaguars:
Mohammed Ali (7)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (12) 

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