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Vulture (Ajmaq)

The Vulture - Ajmaq - Cib - K'ib' - Owl

Ajmaq means "vulture" in K'iche'. This is a slow, goodhearted sign. It is

highly sensual. Forgiveness, pardon, karmic clean out and an easy going nature all describe this energy. Ajmaq natives do well in business and easily accumulate money. The way a vulture will sit in the sun and wait for an opportunity, the natives of this daysign will wait for good things to come to them. Some may get irritated with the Vulture's laziness, but this is overwhelmingly a sign of pardon and forgiveness so the Vulture is well-liked.

Ajmaq natives excel in their chosen careers, becoming comfortable with authority figures without giving up personal power. Pardon and sin, the dark of the night and the first ray of morning light represent Ajmaq: there is a duality barely perceptible in this sign. When the vulture ravenously devours carrion it transforms its energy. In this way, the Vulture is the Mayan symbol of rebirth and regeneration -- like the phoenix rising from the fire. The story goes that a Vulture native's offenses and irresponsibility’s have been eternally pardoned. That being said, the word "ajmaq" means "sinner" in K'iche'.

Ajmaq, in addition to pardon, is a day for introspection. In ancient times, this was a day of rest in which you reflected upon your acts and their consequences, whether they were conscious or unconscious. The major an Ajmaq person can commit is to disbelieve in oneself. Therefore, this is a favorable day to ask forgiveness for the offenses that you have committed against yourself. Ajmaq is also a day that one recuperates and connects with the visions of universal reality. The Vulture is well connected with the elders and authority and in this way is wise.

Notable Vulture Natives:
Katy Perry (3)


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Wow, so tomorrow I turn 31, I think I will take advantage of the opportunity to forgive myself because I am indeed of going against the saying I embody, "To thine own self be true." Gracias Ralph, y suerte con el bar...Melody

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