Friday, June 27, 2008

Wimbledon Prediction

She stomped her left foot, straightened out her arms, and puffed her chest out. She was an angry child. Then she relaxed and went back to playing. You knew that Ana Ivanovic, the prettiest tennis player with a five o'clock shadow, was in for a rough day. Miss Jie Zheng, the delicate powerhouse with tree trunk thighs that let her plant her feet and bulldoze old tenement housing and pave the road for new Chinese megastructures, was playing well as she has been all tournament long.

I could see this miss Zheng going to the finals. They've said a Chinese woman would dominate one day. This may be the day. This may be the woman. This may be the prediction. As for Ivanovic, she nearly went out in the second round. At least she spared herself that.

And, Miss Zheng, it looks like you may be doing a lot more English interviews. If you ever need an English tutor with a sharp kick serve, get in touch.

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